Paddle board / kayak

Paddle board, otherwise known as SUP board (Stand Up Paddle) is probably the tranquilest of them boards. One might also think of it as a super longboard (in surfing context). Well, it needs to be long and have a large volume for it to be stable when standing and paddling on it. It is said to have been developed as bored surfers were finding new activities when there was no wind. Thanks to them, almost everyone can enjoy at least some kind of “surfing”, the easiest of them all, but still super fun and emotionally rewarding. We have 10 brand new inflatable SUP boards for rent, all very intuitive and easy to use. Rent goes by 0,5h / 1h / 3h / 12h.

Kayaking is something similar, but this waters port did not evolve by surfers who had too much free time in their hands. Kayak is rather like a tiny boat by its shape where you sit in. We have one and two person kayaks for rent at Illiku Surf.

When planning on coming to paddle boarding or kayaking, please check the weather forecast first. If the wind is too strong and from not a favourable direction, we prefer to keep you on the shore instead of letting you get carried away. Life vests are optional since water levels in the area are not deep. We also organise sunset paddle tours with guide, races etc. Keep your eye on our social media to have the freshest information always with you.