Boat & safety

The sea is powerful. It has its own rhythm and laws. We as humans are so tiny little creatures when compared to the sea which makes it essential for us to have tons of respect towards it. Therefore, we are always very cautious and thorough when planning and organising activities at the sea, especially in terms of safety and keeping the environment.

The heart of Illiku Surf is a fully renovated and specifically tailored RIB boat. Those types of boats are always preferred by sea rescue teams because of their ability to stand very harsh weather conditions. The boat has been rebuilt to have the most convenient setup for water sports in terms of space and accessibility. A powerful 150hp engine develops speed up to 43 knots (over 80km/h). This might become very useful in order to quickly react to SOS situations at sea and also to get a true adrenaline rush type of water taxi ride.

We always use life vests and other relevant safety equipment when doing any kind of activities on the sea. Before heading out, we make sure we’re aware of short- and long-term weather forecast from reliable sources. Also, we never leave any trash behind us and do everything in harmony with the surrounding environment that we call our home.

We kindly ask you to do the same! It’s never a good idea to do any water related activities when you’re feeling tipsy from too many drinks. Also, never leave any trash behind and have respect towards the sea, the captain, and others around you. If you feel like that is not too much asked, you’re so very welcome to join the experiences and community in Illiku Islet!